Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Driftwood 1.5-So Much Time, So Much To Tell

Hello dear friends!  I am incredibly sorry to say that I have not updated in so long!  I will try to keep this as short as possible, and complete as possible, too.  There's much to tell, but not much time to tell it in.

Though rest assured, so much has happened!  First, here's an aerial view of our growing neighborhood!

Shea has moved out into his own home, he's invited a few friends he's made over time to move into New Driftwood.  It was his idea to bring in some apartment buildings.  After talking it over with Laura, she encouraged the idea.  "If New Driftwood continues to grow, we will run out of space quickly.  Apartment buildings may not be a bad idea."  So, I called up the Architect and she had a couple buildings already in mind, plopped them down, and Shea helped to fill them up!

Shea chose the apartment on the right, next to him is Arianna Gilscarbo, then Kaylynn Schweber (You may remember she was the one he had a huge crush on when he was a teen living in our home), then the far left apartment is occupied by Sam Shaw.  I'll try to get pictures of everyone in here.  Across the street is a Duplex occupied currently by one new inhabitant, Lauren Monif.

Lauren comes to us with a surprise!  In her personal phone book, she has the name of another sim with the last name "Grove"!  Mag's will be so happy to find out she'll have company hopefully soon!

Lauren Monif
Family - Marry off 6 Children
0 Ck, 0 Mech, 2 Char, 2 Bod, 0 Log, 1 Creat, 0 Cln
Aquarius - Bronze Toy Making

Lauren is our last addition to the neighborhood.  She comes to us as an addition from Sam Shaw.  Who's Sam Shaw?  Aside from the sim I mentioned that lives in the apartments with our Shea?  This is Sam Shaw!

Sam Shaw
Former Student
Knowledge - Max out 7 Skills
2 Ck, 2 Mech, 2 Char, 2 Bod, 2 Log, 6 Creat, 2 Cln
Pisces - He does not currently have any badges

Sam came to us courtesy of Arianna Gilscarbo.

But first, here's a face you should be familiar with.

Kaylynn Schweber
Former Student
Family - Have 6 Grandchildren
0 Ck, 2 Mech, 0 Char, 2 Bod, 1 Log, 0 Creat, 2 Cln
Aquarius - Bronze Register, Silver Robotics

Kaylynn was added by Shea, of course. He was pleasantly surprised to find out she is actually closer in age to him than he thought!

Arianna Gilscarbo moved into the other apartment, separating Shea and Kaylynn.

Arianna Gilscarbo
Celebrity Chef
Knowledge - Become Chief of Staff
10 Ck, 3 Mech, 3 Char, 2 Bod, 8 Log, 10 Creat, 2 Cln
Sagittarius - Does not currently have any Badges

Arianna was also added by Shea.  He used his time very wisely while living with us to develop his friendships!

I'm going backwards, so bare with me.  Noelle Huffman was our last sim to move into a true house.  She was invited to move to New Driftwood another new arrival, Brooke StallKamp.

Noelle Huffman
Former Student
Knowledge - Become Game Designer
2 Ck, 2 Mech, 2 Char, 2 Bod, 1 Log, 1 Creat, 3 Cln
Pisces -  Does not currently have badges

As you can see, a lot of students have made the move to our little corner of the world.  Laura and I are starting to get concerned that there may be problems with all these students leaving TRU before it's their time!

Brooke StallKamp came to us just before Noelle moved in.  She was invited here by yours truly!  Infact this is where we left off with our last update.

Brooke StallKamp
Congress Person
Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
2 Ck, 0 Mech, 6 Char, 2 Bod, 4 Log, 3 Creat, 1 Cln
Aries - Does not currently have any badges

That's it for the new arrivals.  As I mentioned, Shea had a birthday and moved out.  We offered to let him stay with us, but he was ready to explore and help us with our mission.  Laura and I both miss seeing him lounging around the house, but he keeps in touch with us pretty regularly.

Shea wasn't the only one to have a birthday though.  Our baby girl is no longer a baby!

Laura and I can't believe how quickly time has passed for our family!  It seems like just yesterday we were teaching Braylin how to walk and talk!  We are so very proud of our little beauty!  She's already shown so much interest in helping us with the mission as well!

Here's one final picture of our home.  After Shea moved out, we weren't sure what to do with his room, so for now it's left empty.  This picture was taken at night, and well, obviously we are all asleep and apparently our nanny was still hanging around the house enjoying the use of our kitchen!

I have many more photos in our albums.  Laura and I were talking the other night and realized we hadn't updated our blog lately so I thought I'd turn on our computer and fill everyone in on how things are going.  I'll include some extra pictures of the homes our residents have built and hopefully with the next update, Mags will have a family member living with her!  Our first one yet!

(Editors note, I have had so much going on in RL that I had not even looked at this 'hood in literally years!  I completely forgot that I created this blog and was so thrilled when I found that I had it!  Expect to see a few more updates in the near future.  Although please bare in mind, I now have children and we are down to one pc, so I do have to share it with others now!)