Friday, August 13, 2010

New Driftwood 1.1-A Renewal of Hope

An NPC Challenge 'Hood
A Renewal of Hope

Hey, this is me. I'm from the Archer clan that lived in Driftwood many sim years ago. Unfortunately, a major catastrophe hit the town, and everything was lost. I was an infant at the time. My parents had sent me off to visit some friends that had been more like family, so I was not there when it hit. My family's legacy was to populate the town with as many NPC's as possible. Basically, they helped get sims into homes that normally would have no other place to go. I've decided to continue their legacy. I've come back to Driftwood. I've also renamed it, New Driftwood. Yeah, I know, creative. But hey, this is my story. Oh, and I'm Adam.

This is my home. I don't have much for resources, so it's small, but there's only me right now. I hope to one day have a family to fill these walls with. My lifetime goal is to raise 20 kittens or puppies. I think I'm going to focus my energies right now on getting to know some sims to get this town popping!

Here's my floor plan. Do not ask how I was able to get this picture. It included a scaffold, some pretty good bending and a lot of coaxing! Like I said, it's just me, so it's small. I have all that I need right now. But, once I get a wife and a kid or two in here, then I'll think about expanding. But, no need to do that right now. First things first. I decided to learn a little about the cooking world. If I don't want to eat burned meals all the time, or cereal, I should probably learn how to turn the stove on, don'tcha think?

This guy stopped by to deliver my newspaper. He seemed a little shy, but I got him talking a bit. His name's Shea Beana. Nice kid. Great jokester too! Told me some of the things he and the guys at the orphanage next town over do for fun. Sad, really, to think he's gotta live there with no parents. Says he never knew them. I know how he feels. Lucky for me, I had a family that took me in. This woman also stopped by. Guess when a new house get's built in a desserted town, it causes quite a stir. She was the head of some gardening committee. Not sure what garden she was trying to look at, all I have is grass. No plants. No trees. Just....grass.Anyway, her name was Sharlene Spitzig. She didn't stick around long. Had some other place to go. Guess garden's must be a big deal around here.
I took the time to look at the paper. I thought maybe I should find a job. Though my place is small, I still have a bill or two to pay. Looking through it, I noticed that there was a job opening for a Campaign Worker in Sim City. Huh, not a bad idea. Who knows, maybe one day I could be mayor of this little town! Anyway, I called the human resources department, and they hired me right over the phone! Guess they don't require a whole lot of skill for someone to go door to door pedaling the latest and greatest politician!My place was a popular place my first day in! These two women stopped by to introduce themselves. They are Nancy Raymond and Margaret Grove. Mrs. Raymond is the older woman up front. And from what Margaret tells me, she doesn't smile much. I asked Margaret what interested her, and I couldn't quite understand what she was saying. Weird. But, though I'm not a huge fan of the Mohawk, she sure was attractive to me! You know, aside from Shea, I didn't meet any males my first day! Wonder where they are all hiding!Margaret told me she had to get home to the city, quite a drive for her, and I couldn't resist giving her a kiss goodbye! I hope that maybe with this one kiss, she'll come back for more!After Margaret left, I totally forgot that Mrs. Raymond was there too, so I went in to visit with her for a bit. I got her laughing so hard, I couldn't believe the stories Margaret told me about how sad and depressed she was. But, we became fast friends!Once again, another visitor! Cherry Landchild stopped by to let me know if I had the desire for one, she would be happy to match me up with another sim. Of course, at a cost! But, she wasn't all that talkative, much like Ms. Spitzig, the gardening woman.Well, after a very busy first day, I finally get to bed. I've made 2 friends, learned one cooking skill, and found a job in the Politics field. I think all in all, it's been a good day!


  1. He's a fast worker, is Adam :-D

  2. Yes he is! :) It's amusing how a hug and kiss can get these sims to do "almost" anything! :) lol