Friday, August 13, 2010

New Driftwood 1.3-The Contributions

An NPC Challenge 'Hood
The Contributions

Laura and I were talking the other night, and wondered how our friends who've moved to New Driftwood are doing. So, first off, with all of my connections that I've acquired while working in the Political field, I've asked a co-worker who dabbles in aviation to take me with him one afternoon so that I could get a few pictures of our growing neighborhood. It's not much, but we're getting there. Our home is at the top right. Well, onto our friends and how they are doing.

First off is my good friend Margaret Grove. She came to New Driftwood as a Get-A-Way Driver in the Criminal Career Path. She once told me that she never wanted to take that path, but with peer pressure back in Sim City, she felt she had no choice. Now that she lives in New Driftwood, she's excited to chase her dream of becoming a World Class Ballet Dancer. When sitting with the architect, she told them that she wanted a simple home, and this is what the two came up with when they put their heads together.

Nearly looking like a trailer, Margaret has all that she needs and wants. Her stats are as follows: 2 Cook, 2 Mech, 1 Char, 2 Bod, 0 Log, 4 Creat, 2 Clean. She's a Scorpio, with a gold badge in fishing. She's hoping to one day add a pond to her small back yard. Of course, one last bit of information, my dear Margaret is a Fortune Sim. One more reason I knew it would never work for us, and apparently so did she.

Margaret took her responsibilities to heart and quickly invited one of her friends from Sim State over for a meal, Brook Harris. Brook, at the time, was still a student at the University.

Brittany Baity also decided to drop in and visit while the two were visiting and joined them in a meal. Margaret, ever the hostess, didn't argue when the spaghetti was served. I'm beginning to think she may have been dropped into the wrong Aspiration!

It wasn't long, and with such little effort, that Margaret convinced her good friend to also move to New Driftwood. "Believe me, Brookie, dropping out of SSU won't be the wrong decision. New Driftwood has so much to offer all of us"! Margaret is definitely an asset to the community!

Brook transitioned into such a pretty adult, don't you think? She didn't stick around long, as she also had an appointment with the architect to begin coming up with the plans for her new home.

After her friends left, Margaret took a good look in the mirror and realized no self respecting sim would go looking for a job at any dance hall looking like "that". So, she made an appointment at a salon in Sim City, and had that mohawk removed! Thankfully the hairdresser had magic running through her hands! On her way home, she stopped at a dance hall, put her resume in, and when she returned home there was a message on her answering machine requesting she come in for an interview. Two days later, Margaret had a job in the field track of her dreams!

She hit the ballet barre immediately! She knew that if she wanted to prove herself, she better be prepared to show it. Not to mention, with only 2 skill points for body, she wasn't going to be much competition for the other dancers.

And it all paid off. It seemed like every night she was coming home with another promotion! She called my Laura each time, and I can tell you, it really did feel like we were hearing from Mag's almost every night!

With our growing neighborhood comes our next contribution. This cute little house can only belong to one sim.

Nice layout, if I do say so myself! I helped the happy home owner with the decorating and design of this home. Though the architect kept giving me looks like I should keep my nose out of it. I don't understand why I should, after all, I am the founder!

So, who lives in this home? No, not the young woman in black. That's Steffi Collin. No, the one living in this house is Nancy Raymond. She came to us as a Sea Lice Research Assistant. Feeling as though she were not appreciated, Laura and I helped her in getting all settled into her new home.

Nancy sat at her new table surrounded by all of her new possessions thinking about how she could repay us. First off, let's learn a little about Nancy. She's a Knowledge Sim who only wants to max out all 7 of her skill points. Currently, her stats are as follows: 2 cook, 1 Mech, 1 Char, 2 Bod, 0 Log, 1 Creat, 1 Cln. She's a Pisces and currently possess no badges.

Of course Nancy greets every Sim who walks by her door, but she already had a friendship going with Steffi Collin. So, the two sat down for some salad and Nancy told Steffi all there was to know about New Driftwood. "Did you know that Adam's Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather originally founded Driftwood? The very spot we are sitting right now, was the former Driftwood. Some catastrophe happened when Adam was a child and none of his family, or the inhabitants at the time, were heard from again"! Nancy sure knows how to tell it. Now, I have to dig deep in my memory and make sure she has the right number of "Greats" there!

Apparently, Steffi was impressed enough to join Nancy in New Driftwood! As a "Thank You" to Nancy for showing her the path to a happier life, she left Nancy with $3000!! See, Nancy doesn't work, so the simoleons will definitely help her to live a more comfortable life!

Steffi also didn't stick around long. She soon contacted the architect and began working on blueprints for her new home as well!

Laura had told me that she noticed Nancy had company the night she invited Steffi to move to New Driftwood, so I thought I'd swing by and welcome her to the neighborhood as well. Unfortunately, I arrived just as Steffi were leaving. Though, I had a wonderful visit with my old friend, Nancy!

What a cute home, no? I do believe this is the work of the ever infamous Meksle. With a few changes in the color and pattern, we find ourselves visiting....

Brook Harris! The first thing Brook did was fire up the easel! The Popularity Sim hopes to one day be the Best Friend of 20 Pets....good luck with that! Her stats are as follows: 2 Cook, 1 Mech, 2 Char, 2 Bod, 2 Log, 1 Creat, 2 Clean. No badges and under the sign of Aries, our Brookie better get to finding those pets! Not an easy Life Time Want, my friend!

Just across the street is another home by Meksle. Again, with a few changes in color and design, we find ourselves once again visiting with Steffi.

She had someone in mind already to invite to the new neighborhood, but first things first. Steffi came to us as a Supporting Player, but as a Family Sim, all she really hopes to accomplish in life is to marry off 6 children. The Aquarius has an interesting range of skills: o Cook, 1 Mech 5 Char, 5 Bod, 2 Log, 3 Creat, 1 Clean. She is not currently in possession of any badges.

Of course, the Welcome Wagon shows up, and with limited space, she tries to be the best host she can.

First, she makes sandwiches for everyone, then starts a conversation about none other than the weather in New Driftwood. "Did you know that when it snows in New Driftwood, it's so pretty! You can not say the same about Sim City"! Atta girl!

Of course, she didn't know any of those who stopped by, but she did know this chap. A student at SSU, Steffi had met him at a coffee shop outside the University a while back, but struck up a conversation with him and quickly became friends. Steffi gave Bill Chan the same speach that Margaret gave Brook. "Leaving SSU may very well be the best thing you ever do! I promise you, Bill, New Driftwood is the place to be"! I think I like these new inhabitants of New Driftwood!
Of course, Bill accepted! With the traditional hug, our Bill Chan is officially a new resident of New Driftwood!
Bil smiles and winks at the camera. Hmmm, I think we may have a Romance Sim in town. Lock up your wives, friends!
Well, that's it for now. We'll check in with Bill at a later time, and see what havoc he's causing. Laura tells me that she heard from Steffi that Bill once told her that his LTW (Life Time Want) is to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers. Well, if I could filter out the bad weeds, we wouldn't have a very interesting town, now would we?


  1. As usual, I love the humour and how you manage to describe a character with few words and I can just imagine what they are like!
    Thank you for using my starter homes and mentioning me :-)
    Steffi better get started soon if she wants to live long enough to see her six as yet non-existing kids getting married...!

  2. Thanks, Meks!! I missed writing, and this helped me to feel a bit creative again! I forgot to link to your SimPage last night, but I went back and did that this morning.