Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Driftwood 1.4-2 Plus 2 Equals 4

An NPC Challenge 'Hood
2 Plus 2 Equals 4

Hello again, dear readers! What a wonderful week we've had here at the Archer household! I began the week with another promotion. I was asked to join the Lobbyists, and of course I agreed!
To celebrate, Laura and I sealed our own personal "deal" by having a private ceremony in our quaint little livingroom. We clean up nicely, wouldn't you say?
The both of us were so happy, though Laura couldn't contain her excitement and jumped into my arms!
And then we had our private celebration a bit later in the evening!
The next morning, when Shea stopped by with our daily newspaper, I asked him to join Laura and I in our ever expanding home. Of course he agreed. He was so excited to leave the orphanage and have a chance at a better education.
Shea Beana
Teen-Newspaper Deliverer
Fortune-Become City Planner
0 Cook, 10 Mech, 1 Char, 1 Bod, 7 Log, 4 Creat, 7 Clean
Scorpio-0 Badges

Laura began to have stomach problems, and had a feeling that she may be pregnant. She was hoping it was that rather than having the flu. We didn't have any medical experience in our home, and the closest hospital was over an hour away in Sim City.
To celebrate our marriage, the possibility of another Archer in the household, and Shea agreeing to leave the orphanage to have an opportunity at a higher education, I invited Brittany Baity over and had a long chat with her about New Driftwood. It would seem that Margaret had already done a lot of convincing with our mutual friend, so it didn't take much from me to get Brittany to move here.
Brittany Baity
Leading Lady
Popularity-Become Celebrity Chef
1 Cook, 0 Mech, 7 Char, 10 Bod, 4 Log, 5 Creat, 1 Clean
Aries-Bronze Register

When Brittany called the architect and hopped into the taxi, Laura had the idea that we should go shopping and get some new clothes. Not only for Shea, but for ourselves too. Afterall, it is getting rather chilly out there! This community lot, The One-Stop-Shop, was created by another regularly used architect, Meksle.
Shea stuck with his favorite colors, Blue and Yellow, when choosing his wardrobe. Laura also convinced him to pick up some summer clothes, as Spring was right around the corner!
Sometime later, Laura woke up in the middle of the night, incredibly hungry. She realized as she looked down at her belly, that she was indeed, pregnant! It took some convincing, but I finally got her to take some time off from work. That way should could get some rest, and work on the nursery like she'd been talking about for a few weeks.
I invited my good friend, Arcadia Straight to move to our neighborhood as well. I'm realizing now that the Architect may have had the right idea when she brought in the help of other well known architects.
Arcadia Straight
Family-Marry off 6 Children
3 Cook, 0 Mech, 3 Char, 1 Bod, 0 Log, 6 Creat, 3 Clean
Aquarius-Gold Sales Badge Shea came home his first day of public school with an A+ report card! We couldn't have been prouder of him! "Laura, do you think that you could help me with my homework tonight? I want to get into Private School someday, and I have to have the best grades ever for that"! Laura and I hoped to one day see Shea in Private School, but we couldn't make any promises.
But of course, Laura wasn't about to let Shea down. So, right there in the middle of our little living room, Shea was thoroughly explained about the mechanics of all things technical! (Editors note: you may notice the genie lamp in the background. I have no delusions about meeting the LTW of becoming the best friend of 20 pets. So, Adam has summoned the genie already!)
Sticking to his favorite colors, Shea and Laura involved the Architect and added on an expansion off the back of the house. It was added to accomodate Shea and eventually our little bundle of joy!
Working on his creativity skills, Shea painted this picture. He told Laura and I that rather than selling it, he had just the place for it. We really had no idea what he was talking about, but figured it would become obvious eventually.
Shea wanted to help out with the mission of befriending and inviting as many "unhappy" sims from the Big City as he could. Laura explained to him that this mission is for those sims who would never have had the chance had we not invited them. So, remembering some of his friends from the orphanage, he invited this young lady over one afternoon and hung out with her for a bit. Their friendship isn't high enough yet to allow her to become part of the family, but Shea's doing his best to befriend Arianna GilsCarbo.
Laura thought she'd try to surprise Shea one evening by inviting the Headmaster to one of the Private Schools over for dinner one evening. It ended in a dead flop. Shea wasn't feeling his best and ended up leaving the house unexpectedly, Laura passed out in her dinner plate from exhaustion, and I was too busy painting the nursery and skill building for the next promotion. So, needless to say, Leo Wheeler wasn't impressed. And he didn't hold back in telling Laura that our family was unfit for his school. Poor Laura ended the evening in tears! I don't think I'll be calling to speak with that guy anytime soon!
So many things became clear that same evening! What we thought was exhaustion and a bad case of indigestion ended up being Laura in labor!!
Please join me in welcoming our little girl, Braylin Archer! She is such a joy to all of us! Even Shea spends many hours rocking with her, and singing to her. I had no idea that Shea had such a great singing voice until our Braylin joined our family!
Here is her nursery. You'll notice that we discovered what Shea did with the painting he made some time back! It would seem that he was just as excited about the newest Archer as we were!
To make up for lost time, Laura planted herself outside while Braylin napped and greeted every sim that walked by, including this woman, Cara Monif. The two have become quick friends and find that their longterm friendship grows just as quickly as their daily friendship does!
Shea nearly gave up on the opposite sex, especially those that are closer in age to him, until he met this woman. I've heard him going on and on about her when talking to some of his friends from school. "Man, you should see this chick! She is H-O-T"! Well, I thought I'd better find out who she is before Shea ended up making a fool of himself and introduced myself to her. Kaylynn Schweber is from Sim City and was actually looking around as she'd heard about our community. She told Laura and I about how she was hoping to find a home there, but noticed that all the homes that are built are already inhabited. We told her that if she wants to move here, we would be more than happy to help her, though we needed to get to know her a bit first. She understood and left us with her phone number. Shea couldn't be happier!
I decided I probably ought to get on the ball like my wife and "adopted" son. So, after arriving home from work one night, I greeted this young lady, Phoebe Pai, as she walked by. After exchanging numbers, she turned and was on her way. I was talking to laura that night about all the sims we've met and realized that we have yet to see two sims with the same surname. I'd noticed this once before, but we've been here for quite a while now, and we would have thought we would have surely met another "GilsCarbo" or "Chan" etc., by now. But, nope, not a one.
Shea decided to get a part time job to help out with some of the expenses around the house. I really don't want to accept his simoleons, so we are going to put it all away and give it back to him when he moves out, whether it's college or on his own. Laura and I hate to take from him when he deserves to have something for himself. Anyway, he found a part time job in the Architectural Career Path, and we couldn't be happier for him. He nearly has all the skill points needed to become the City Planner as it is. I think our private Architect may have a run for her money with Shea!
Laura asked Shea and I to dress in our best one evening, and didn't give an explanation. All she would say is that she had a surprise for us, and wanted us to look nice for it. To our surprise, she'd invited Headmaster Connor Simpson over. He apparently replaced Mr. Wheeler about a year back and was excited to invite Shea to join the areas Private School! I definitely like this gentleman!
With all of us working, and a baby in the house, we finally decided to hire a maid. Laura was so happy when she met this young woman, though none of us thought to ask her what her name was! We were just so happy to not have to clean the toilet anymore!
Our beautiful little girl became a toddler before we knew it! With 10 Nice, Playful and Active points each, she's become such a pleasure for all of us! Her smile makes the entire room light up! Shea looks forward to playing with her after school every night. Laura and I take turns putting her to bed each night with a story and lots of lovin'!
With all of the good news about Shea getting into Private School, Braylin becoming such a sweet toddler, adding more sims to our growing community, I nearly forgot to mention that I've had 4 more promotions. I'm now a Congressperson! What had once been a laughable goal of becoming Mayor of New Driftwood is now not such a bad idea!
I was so excited about all of my promotions, that I sat with my baby girl and finished her training on the potty!
Laura put the finishing touches on teaching Braylin how to walk....
While I was excited to hear her call me "Daddy" for the first time! There's definitely something in that milk that we've been giving her!
One final addition to the neighborhood:
Brooke StallKamp
Congress Person
Popularity-Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
2 Cook, 0 Mech, 6 Char, 2 Bod, 4 Log, 3 Creat, 1 Clean
Aries-0 Badges
That's all for now folks. Oh! Laura suggested we show everyone how much our home is growing, what with our daughter and "adopted" son, Shea, we've had to expand a bit.


  1. I was sad for Laura and Shea when the validation meeting with the first headmaster didn't work out, but so glad when Shea was accepted the second time :-)
    Thanks for a lovely evening read - and 1000 thanks for linking to my SimPage and mentioning me yet again!

  2. Meks, I was so upset too when it happened! I couldn't figure out for the life of me why Shea just left. I think the house somehow became bugged. I moved them all out and back in again, and that seems to have "fixed" the problem. And you are absolutely welcome for the credits!! I try to give credit whenever possible!