Friday, August 13, 2010

New Driftwood 1.2-The One Who Glows

An NPC Challenge 'Hood
The One Who Glows

I'm trying to do my best at meeting as many sims as possible. This attractive woman walked by one day as I was getting ready to do the daily crossword in the paper. Her name is Brittany Baity. She seemed nice enough, but there's no attraction there. I was hoping, seeing as all the women I seem to be attracted to is elderly. Oh well, maybe next time!Anyway, I tried to make some spaghetti for her and ended up setting the stove on fire! Of course this meant the local volunteer fire department had to make a stop at my house!
They sent Amanda Tomyoy. Boy, I tell ya, I've never met so many sims with such strange names! It'll be amazing if I meet two sims with the same surname!
Brittany and I decided to not waste the food I burnt and ate the terrible spaghetti. If nothing else, she's a sweet girl!I started to also succeed in my job. It wasn't long and I was an Intern.I invited Margaret over one night for a little cuddling under the stars. She and I were really starting to get a bit serious.Finally a dog trotted by my house. I don't really have the room in my house to keep any, but this dog was such a nice one. Her name was Pinky and we spent hours playing fetch.The next day, I met Arcadia Straight. She was nice enough. And of course I have a two-bolt attraction to her! *Sigh*
Then, it happened. I invited Margaret over and she asked if I minded if she brought a friend. Of course I didn't mind, the more sims I meet, the better for New Driftwood, right?! I didn't know that the sim she brought over would change my life completely! This is Laura Mendoza.
I thought, hmm, I wonder....then I scoped the room, at first I was sure that the one who would stand out would be of course Margaret, and it kinda looked like it at first when the two friends hugged after meeting up at my house. But then.....
They separated, there was for sure no doubt who I was more attracted to.I thought I'd quickly ask Laura to leave, but then she pulled me into a romantic embrace and kissed me goodbye. I thought for sure Margaret would be hurt and angry. But instead, after Laura left, she locked lips with me immediately! I asked her to move in. I hoped this would settle things for sure. But Margaret surprised me by moving out immediately! "Adam, you're a sweet guy, but we all know that everyone strives for that 3 bolt attraction. You and I only have 1 bolt. I know that you and Laura have just 2, but it's so much better for you to be with her than I." I was shocked silent! She found a job in her chosen career path, then left. I hope that I see her again. She really is a great friend.I came home the next day with another promotion. I'm now a Lobbyist. Arcadia was walking by, so she congratulated me and stayed for a bit.I invited Laura over to tell her my good news. She sat and ate the left over burnt spaghetti with me. We expressed our feelings for each other while forcing down the food.
This is not at all what it looks like. We are only sweet on each other right now. Nothing more, and I'm not ready to take that step with her. She's in college right now, and I'd really like to see her complete as much as possible.
The next day, pretty happy with myself, I stopped two of my good friends as they were passing by, Nancy Raymond, who also moved in, and Brittany Baity.
Nancy decided to get her own place and moved out immediatly as Margaret did. This time, it wasn't as upsetting for me.
I tried to become better friends with Brittany, and at first it looked like I might be able to convince her to also move to New Driftwood, but no such luck.
Alvin Graham was walking by, so I stopped him to introduce myself. I told him about my story, and he said he'd keep in touch. You never know when you might meet that sim who wants to get away from their current situation and have a better, quieter life.
I found myself always thinking about Laura, so I invited her over one night and couldn't keep my hands off of her!

I asked her the one question that I've been finding myself asking a lot of sims, but found that her answer was so much more important to me than what every other sims would have been. And was I ever happy when she agreed to move, not only to New Driftwood, but also into my home! Then, after another dish of burnt spaghetti, I asked the next big question!

She said "YES"!!!

This time, it is exactly what it looks like! The next time you see us, we'll be preparing for our wedding. I think now we should look in on some of our new residents.


  1. By the way, I love the background theme with the dandelions, somehow it seems to fit the whole idea of Driftwood so well!

  2. I was really lucky to have it as an option for a background. It was "supposed" to be temporary, but I agree, it definitely fits!